From a suit and tie at a corporate job to a yoga mat in the foothills of the Himalayas, Ian Cariaga is dedicated to helping people to lead a happy and healthy life that he’s discovered through Yoga and his passion for the ocean.

Ian experienced first hand that yoga can dramatically enhance your sports training and also change your life. After a snowboarding accident and lingering lower back issues, Ian listened to a friend’s advice and tried yoga.

Soon Ian’s injuries began to improve and he was once again building his core strength while balancing his spiritual side. Ian says that he became addicted to the sensation of accomplishment and strength.

Excited about how dramatic yoga’s benefits had been for him, Ian incorporated his years of sports training and devised a dynamic flow of yoga moves that are designed for those people with a sporting background who are looking for something more challenging and energising.

When Ian isn’t training elite athletes or practicing yoga, you can find him peacefully paddling the waterways of the southern Gold Coast or enjoying a sunrise surf.