Jeff Weatherall grew up in a small coastal town just north of Auckland city, New Zealand. At age 4 he received his first surfboard and skateboard. From that moment on, the never ending passion for action sports grew as he did.

Leaving high school he became a snowboard instructor at New Zealand’s largest ski resort, but a summer off spent on a lake sparked a passion for wakeboarding that he never knew existed. Soon after, Jeff won his first National Wakeboard title and decided that he was going to make it his mission to become New Zealand’s first Professional Wakeboarder.

15 years later, Jeff’s career has seen 2 World Wakeboard titles, 9 New Zealand National titles, Australian Pro Tour Series title, X Games medals, countless magazine covers and video parts. It has also given him the opportunity to travel the world, experiencing various other fun adventures and side projects.

These days Jeff spends his time as a Professional Skydiver flying over iconic Byron Bay. When he’s not in the sky, he can be found surfing any of a few of his favorite spots along the coast. Of all the spots - Straddie would be his top pick, or the Alley on a huge swell when a ski is required.