Protect your surfboard with our high-quality surfboard socks. Made with durable materials, these socks provide an extra layer of protection against scratches and dings. Available in various designs and sizes. Shop now and keep your surfboard looking new.
Sock Cover

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    Surfboard socks are a popular way to protect your surfboard from scratches and dings. They are made from stretchy fabric and fit snugly over your surfboard, providing a barrier between your board and any objects it may come into contact with. Surfboard socks come in different sizes to fit different types of surfboards, from shortboards to longboards. Some surfboard socks also come with a drawstring or zipper closure to keep the cover securely in place. Surfboard socks are a great option for surfers who want to protect their board during short-term storage or transportation. They are lightweight and easy to fold up, making them ideal for travel. While surfboard socks are a good option for short-term storage and transportation, if you plan on storing your surfboard for an extended period of time or transporting it on a plane, you may want to consider a more heavy-duty surfboard cover. Surfboard covers are typically made from thicker material and provide more protection against impact and pressure. They also often come with additional features such as padding or straps to help keep your board in place. Overall, whether you choose a surfboard sock or a more heavy-duty surfboard cover, protecting your surfboard is essential to ensuring its longevity and performance.