how to install a tie down

Step 1:
Place the board on the roof racks with fins facing upwards. Evenly space board on roof racks.

Step 2:
Feed the strap over the board and loop under the roof rack. Then feed strap back over the board to the starting position.

Step 3:
Pull back the neoprene buckle cover, exposing the buckle.

Step 4:
Push down on the buckle lever and feed the strap through the jaws from the bottom of the buckle.

Step 5:
Pull the strap firmly and secure the board. Ensure strap and board do not move.

Step 6:
Pull the neoprene cover back over the buckle protecting your board and car.

Step 7:
Safely tie off the excess strap (or fold and tuck it), securing it in the neoprene buckle cover.

Step 8:
Repeat steps 1 to 7 for the other strap.