Track My Order

If you've received your Consignment Number, click this button to track and keep updated on the progress and estimated date of arrival of your delivery. 

Note: For orders on small accessories, your order will most likely be shipped via Post Haste.  Click here to track these orders. 

Estimate Shipping Time

Find the estimated time it'll take your order to arrive to you once it's left our warehouse in Auckland.

Below are the estimated transit times.

North Island Suburban 3/4 Business Days
Rural 5-7 Business Days
South Island Suburban 4-7 Business Days
Rural 5-7 Business Days



Order Processing

Once you've placed your order online, our sales team will confirm your order and shipping information and allocate stock for you. They'll then put your invoice into our packing queue for the warehouse team. This process usually takes up to 24 hours.


Picking and Packing

Once your order has been confirmed, our warehouse team will pick your board and/or accessories and securely pack them ready for freight collection. Depending on demand and quantity of orders infront of yours in the queue, this can take between 1-3 business days.


Consignment and Tracking

Once your order is packed,the courier will arrive at our warehouse and load your order for shipping. Once loaded, they issue us the consignment number which then needs to manually entered into our system.  This process can take up to 24 hours, you'll be emailed a link to track your order in approx 48hrs.


Transit Times

Transit times will vary depending on your location.  The below table will provide you with an estimate of expected delivery times during standard season.  Please allow additional time where required (such as Christmas and School Holidays).


Accepting Delivery

The Surfboard Warehouse ensures all boards shipped are inspected prior to delivery and are packaged with clear handling guidelines. However, as freight is handled by third parties, we advise you to thoroughly inspect your Good(s) for damage in transit prior to acceptance. 


Product Care Manual

Before you receive your product we recommend you read through the Product Care Manual to learn how to best take care of your products. In addition, you’ll find a wide variety of hints, tips and tricks helpful to people of all skill levels. You can find a copy of the Product Care Manual on our website.