The Ocean Awaits truly captures the anticipation and excitement I feel every time I go out for a paddle. Surfing for me, is all about fun and the ocean is where it all begins. 
Beau Young - 2x World Champion


From the moment you paddle out, to your very first wave, there is something so satisfying about connecting with the ocean. Whether it's supping or surfing with family or friends, it's all about experiencing the fun and adventure found out on the water.

Drawn to the waves and the water's edge of the eastern coast line of Australia, we are lucky enough to call this place home. We are a family of friends who are as diverse as the boards we design and through this we have created a surf community and culture that encompasses everyone.

Our philosophy revolves around encouraging others and providing accessibility to first timers whilst supporting those who have been in the water their entire life. So whether you rise each morning to surf your local break or wait until the weekend to explore the waterways, we understand you: we know the importance of a life filled with meaningful moments. After all, that's what life is all about…. We are The Surfboard Warehouse.