Explore the exciting world of surf foiling and stand up paddle board foiling with our selection of essential accessories. From hydrofoils and foil mounts to control systems and protective bags, we have everything you need to take your riding to the next level.
Surf foil accessories are specific to the sport of foil surfing and include a range of products such as foil wings, stabilisers, and mast lengths. Foil wings are the most important accessory and come in various sizes and shapes depending on the rider's weight and skill level. Stabilisers help to control the foil while riding and can be adjusted to fine-tune the ride. Mast lengths determine the height of the rider above the water and can also be adjusted to customise the experience. Other accessories include board mounts, covers, and bags to protect the foil and board during transportation. Overall, these accessories enhance the experience of foil surfing and allow riders to customise their ride for optimal performance.